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Catch the spirit of the city!

We invite you to experience an exciting, colorful, flourishing, and lively cosmos called: Budapest

In the heart of Europe at the crossing of roads and cultures, there is a great small country, „the land of legends and changes”, which is the perfect site for an incentive or leisure tour. Its capital city, Budapest is according to several researches one of Top 10 European destinations. Located on the banks of the River Danube, its breath-taking view belongs to UNESCO World Heritage.

Budapest has it all

  • easy access from all European cities
  • rich in history, culture, and tradition
  • great culinary experience for food and wine lovers
  • buzzing nightlife
  • open doors, open hearts, open minds - this is Hungarian hospitality
  • excellent cost-to-value ratio
  • the only capital city with several thermal springs and spas
  • entertainment at professional level - magical venues

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„Budapest is in the top when it comes to the number of thermal baths, the size of the parliament building, or the history of the subway system. And apart from all the numbers and sizes - the city has an undeniable charm and atmosphere that distinguishes it from all other places in the world. Click to the below buttons to gain further insight and some useful documents!"

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