CSR Programmes and „Volunteaming” Activities

Cosmos DMC with its extensive range of experience working in the events field understands that companies are not solely financially driven and there is a real need to have ‘feel good’ motivators, sustaindigital detox, incorporating and reintroducing busy businesspeople to nature. We understand that this is more and more the direction the whole planet is heading. The importance of companies working with a strong CSR concept is crucial in every aspect of the business. The emotional element of these experiences will definitely be a huge impact on your employees’ attitude.


Examples for CSR:

  • Charity Cooking – cooking is always fun, but why not combine it with a help of those people who really need warm food.
  • Repairing the Local Ecosystem – reducing your carbon footprint by donating a tree and planting it or by collecting rubbish in the forests
  • Animals matter to us - each of us may not be in a position to shelter abandoned and helpless creatures directly but we can have the opportunity to help those who provide for them.