Learn Matyó embroidery from lovely old ladies!

Spend an unforgettable day in “Matyo-land”! The small Hungarian village of Tard is a UNESCO world heritage site, home of tradition, folk art, and of the contemporary fashion label called Matyodesign. Forgotten patterns, undervalued local artisans and a seemingly fading culture were brought back to life; revisioned with a vibrant, modern pulse. This program is for those, who prefer original experiences!


Why is this program special?

  • Every single piece of Matyodesign's embro-idery is handmade with love! These clothes are unique and trendy, while also giving work to 20-25 local craftsmen.
  • You can be sure that all you eat was grown in the garden. There's no fix menu - dishes are made of seasonal ingredients by the local ladies.
  • The rural tranquility is immersive! You can decide for yourself whether you would like to get involved in local activities or just enjoying the atmosphere.


How the daily program usually goes

~ 9:00 Arrival in Tard with welcome drinks and snack. After a short introduction, you will have the option to choose from various activities.

~ 10:00 Get know the famous embriodery and design your own piece, which will be ready by the end of the day by a local artisan. Assist by the preparations of the lunch. How about a traditional rooster stew or fresh pasta? Chop wood for the fire, spend some time with the locals and get to know local secrets.

~ 11:00 Take a short walk to the oldest village museum of Hungary, where you have the opportunity to dress up in the traditional Matyo costume.

~ 13:00 Homemade lunch with the locals

~ 14:30 Have a look at your brand new piece, which was created in front of your eyes! You can also take a photo with your Matyo lady. Enjoy the homemade cake and a last drink with the locals. ~ 15:30 Departure back to Budapest.